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Hillside Neighborhood—Where Historic Meets Hip


Blending past and present, LaGrange, Georgia’s historic Hillside district is a fun and lively neighborhood featuring numerous venues, eateries and attractions that exude modern flair while paying respect to—and even incorporating—the textile heritage of the city.

The Magic Behind A Spring-Ready Hills & Dales Estate


Starting in March, the gardens at Hills & Dales Estate proudly displays its colorful new wardrobe. Take a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into getting the gardens “spring-ready” along with tips for success in your own home garden!

Plan Your Trip to Nutwood Winery


Nutwood Winery evokes a sense of country charm and wide-open spaces. Spread out in the spacious tasting room or under the 200-year-old pecan trees and find out what makes this winery so special!

5 Ways To Enjoy Fall In LaGrange

Come experience the splendor of fall with these 5 ways to enjoy the season in LaGrange. The weather calls for outdoor adventures and new ways to kick back and relax.

The Coca-Cola Trail Through LaGrange


If you’re a Coca-Cola fan, LaGrange is a great place to experience some important “firsts” in the history of Coke and maybe even pick up some treasures for your collection.

Hills & Dales Estate Bloom Calendar

If you are looking for beautiful blooms and elegant greenery, Hills & Dales Estate is the place to go all year round. Come take pictures with the flowers or simply take in the sights and fragrant scents. There is always life blooming and growing, even in the dead of winter.

10 Things To Do That Don’t Cost A Dime


Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank—LaGrange, Georgia has plenty of budget-friendly dining and entertainment options to explore! Enjoy one of our many beautiful parks and walking trails, spend a rainy day in an art museum or enjoy free community events with your family! Making memories in LaGrange doesn’t have to cost a dime.