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Adventures for Solo Travelers in LaGrange


With world-class breweries, beautiful outdoor adventures and plenty of arts and culture, you’ll find everything you need to recharge on your solo getaway to LaGrange!

Three Ways To Soak Up The Last Rays Of Summer In LaGrange


Summer in LaGrange comes with laughter, new experiences and a desire to return the following year! Call your friends or gather your family members and load up the car—there’s a whole summer’s worth of activities waiting for you and the summer sun is setting!

Wine Lover’s Guide To LaGrange


LaGrange is the perfect vacation destination for any wine lover! With two world-class wineries creating delicious wines and several restaurants with excellent wine selections, you can build an entire weekend getaway around enjoying fine wines in beautiful Georgia.

Historic LaGrange Homes


A trip to LaGrange isn’t complete without a visit to an antebellum home, where history is preserved in stunning architecture and the stories of early LaGrange families.