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Hillside Neighborhood—Where Historic Meets Hip

Blending past and present, LaGrange, Georgia’s historic Hillside district is a fun and lively neighborhood featuring numerous venues, eateries and attractions that exude modern flair while paying respect to—and even incorporating—the textile heritage of the city.

Cycle City: A Cyclist’s Guide to LaGrange

From leisurely loops to taxing treks, LaGrange, Georgia hosts a number of biking trails both inside and outside of the city that can appease cyclists of all skill levels.

Must-See Sights on The Thread


From beautiful wooded areas to historic neighborhoods, The Thread takes you on a journey through our stunning city. Set out for an adventure and discover the most unique spots found on The Thread!

10 Things To Do That Don’t Cost A Dime


Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank—LaGrange, Georgia has plenty of budget-friendly dining and entertainment options to explore! Enjoy one of our many beautiful parks and walking trails, spend a rainy day in an art museum or enjoy free community events with your family! Making memories in LaGrange doesn’t have to cost a dime.