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Discover tales of the macabre and explore downtown LaGrange with local spirit guide Lewis Powell on his Strange LaGrange tours.

Does the turning of leaves and sudden appearance of pumpkins remind you of candy and costumes? Maybe the macabre is more of your forte, and the telling of twisted tales tickles your fancy? If the latter is the case, keep reading, for we have the perfect guide to tell you tales of Strange LaGrange…

Lewis Powell, LaGrange resident and local historian, became interested in the supernatural and paranormal at a young age. Following this passion, Powell soon began to discover that his beloved hometown had quite a few residents that you couldn’t find on the most recent census. Powell leads tours through downtown LaGrange on Friday nights (and Thursday’s through the month of October) but he had a few stories he wanted to share with you here, and an invitation to follow…

“Here at the Archives, we have several spirits apparently working side by side with us,” Powell says. “Prior to our last paranormal investigation, the head of that paranormal team was visited by a prominent local citizen who told him that he was thrilled that his group would be investigating. The only problem with this visit was the prominent local citizen died in 1928.”

On the local restaurant Taste of Lemon, Powell tells of the spirit of a little girl: “Several staff members have heard her playing within the restaurant, while several guests have had her appear to them.”


Paranormal experiences seem to heighten on cold fall evenings when Powell is leading his tours through LaGrange: “On a tour last year,” he tells us, “a family at the back of my group turned as we walked away from City Hall. In the window above the building’s front door, they saw the silhouette of a person walking back and forth. The building had appeared empty.”

Not to be disproven as a one-off, Powell continues: “A young couple on my tour last year saw a dark shadowy figure on the verandah of the Heard-Dallis House, one of the oldest homes in the county. Could this be one of the former residents returning to listen to my stories?”

Lewis Powell is a man who is passionate about LaGrange and its history (strange and otherwise). His tours, aptly named Strange LaGrange, are a fun (and frightening) way to spend a fall evening, and will leave you wondering what paranormal secrets are hiding in your hometown? So join Lewis and the staff of The Troup County Archives in enjoying and discovering the more peculiar side of LaGrange, Georgia.