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Biblical History Center

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Witness history unfold at Biblical History Center! Minutes from downtown LaGrange, Biblical History Center (formerly Explorations in Antiquity) offers visitors a remarkable opportunity to immerse themselves in the essence of the ancient world. Through authentic archaeological replicas, engaging Biblical meal presentations, an array of daily-life artifacts showcased in the Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery, captivating lectures, and other immersive experiences, the center vividly recreates the spirit of ancient Middle Eastern life, inviting visitors to journey through time and bring faith to life!

Recreating The Biblical Lifestyle

Biblical History Center

Biblical History Center provides many engaging ways for visitors to experience the daily lifestyle of the Biblical world. Central to this experience is The Archaeological Replica Garden, which houses 23 life-size replica structures, modeled after excavations in Israel, Malta and Jordan. Four areas of Biblical life are portrayed here: Life of the Shepherd, Life of the Farmer, Life of the Village, and the Roman Theater. All are impressive on their own, but even more so when paired with the intriguing and engaging lectures from a Biblical History Center docent.

Artifacts From The Ancient World


The area that many consider to be the heart of the center is the Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery. The gallery features over 250 artifacts from as far back as the Paleolithic Period (marked by the first development of stone tools), including Stone Age tools, Iron Age pottery, coins, fishing equipment and more. All of these incredible artifacts are on long-term loan from the Israeli Antiquity Authority, and the center is only one of eight museums in the world with such a collection!

Dine Like The 12 Disciples

A truly unique experience, the Biblical Meal presentation is more than just a typical tour/lecture. Guests join their docent in dining like Biblical citizens, complete with ancient table manners and a period-accurate menu. The knowledgeable staff explain ancient meal practices, like one would have experienced during Passover or the Last Supper, and the setting of the table for reconciliation. All of this is done in the center’s 1st century-style dining room, at Roman triclinium-style tables.

Guests at the Biblical History Center enjoy a biblical meal presentation.

More than a culinary or educational experience, the Biblical Meal presentation is one of the purest ways for guests to experience the lifestyle of a Biblical citizen. Countless stories in the Bible revolve around a meal, from Jesus feeding the 5,000 to his first miracle, changing water to wine at a wedding in Galilee. The meal presentation and experience provides a truly unique look into what it might have been like during The Last Supper, and adds a new reverence to the tradition of taking communion.

Little Learners Get Involved

One of the primary goals of the Biblical History Center is encouraging young learners to get excited about history, archaeology and anthropology. The center is uniquely equipped for educating these bright minds, and constructed 4 archeological excavation pits in order to simulate a real dig site. School, church and large family groups all enjoy the opportunity to get their hands dirty in an effort to better understand what an archaeologist does, the tools they use on a daily basis and why excavation has to be done so carefully! This experience is available to groups of 8 or more, and provides the perfect activity for a birthday celebration, field trip or youth group outing!

Children enjoying an archaeological presentation at Biblical History Center.

Guests also have the opportunity to bake bread just like ancient nomadic peoples in the Shepherd’s Bread Experience. This hands on experience teaches visitors more about the lifestyle of the ancient shepherd, including what sort of manners were expected around the fire! This insightful look into the desert-nomad lifestyle of a biblical shepherd is another way that the Biblical History Center brings faith and history to life for visitors of all ages.


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130 Gordon Commercial Drive
LaGrange, Georgia 30240


Sun - Mon: Closed
Tue - Sat: 10 AM - 5 PM


Free onsite parking.


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Biblical History Center


  • Dine with the ancients as you share a Passover-style meal much like that which Jesus ate at the Last Supper.
  • Let your children bake bread just like ancient nomadic people in the Shepherd's Bread Experience.
  • Explore a replicated village and city gate area to see what life was like 2000 years ago.


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