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It’s no secret that the Roman Army was one of the most influential powers in world history. Experience the glory of Ancient Rome for yourself at the Biblical History Center in LaGrange for it’s annual Roman Army Day on May 11.

Saturday, May 11

10 AM – 4 PM

History lives in LaGrange! Experience life as a Roman soldier at Biblical History Center’s Roman Army Day. Witness the power of the Roman Empire and join us on Saturday, May 11 for a day of living history, featuring authentic reenactors, live animals, and more. The Biblical History Center helps people encounter the ancient Biblical world through its history and culture. Through authentic archaeological replicas, Biblical meal presentations, daily life artifacts in the Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery, lectures and events like Roman Army Day, ancient Middle Eastern life comes back to life.

The presence of the Roman Army is an important part of culture from Biblical times, especially during Jesus’ life on earth. Roman soldiers are mentioned multiple times throughout scripture, including these examples:

  • The Centurion, Matthew 8 – A Roman soldier comes to Jesus to ask him to heal his servant. He mentions his place of authority and the soldiers under him.
  • The Roman Soldiers at the Crucifixion, John 19 – This passage describes the presence and actions of Roman soldiers before, during and after the crucifixion. 
  • Roman Soldiers at the Tomb, Matthew 28 – The elders and chief priests paid Roman soldiers to spread false news that the disciples stole Jesus’s body after the resurrection. 
  • Paul and the Roman Soldiers, Acts – Paul has several accounts of interactions with Roman soldiers throughout the book of Acts, giving examples of their power during Biblical times.  

The Biblical History Center has decided to make this year’s edition of Roman Army Day even more family-friendly, in hopes the event will be both fun for the whole family and so parents are able to also fully enjoy the experience. The Roman Army Day festivities will kick-off at 10 AM and last until 4 PM, with a full-slate of activities for the whole day.


There will be food truck vendors, Middle Eastern dance performances, interactive Ancient Roman style Mock Trials, and Roman performance pieces. Throughout the day there will be Roman soldiers out and about, able to answer any questions you may have about their culture and lifestyle. According to Carlos Cantu, Executive Director of the Biblical History Center, this day really “brings the [replica] garden to life”. 

If you want to add another layer of authenticity to your experience, consider also planning to participate in one of the Center’s Biblical Meals as part of your day. The meals are four-courses, led by a guide who will explain ancient meal customs in a 1st century dining room.


Roman Army Day at the Biblical History Center provides a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the culture and history of the Roman Empire and its influence on Biblical times. With a range of interactive activities and the presence of knowledgeable Roman soldiers, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of this important period in Biblical history. This event is not only entertaining and educational but also offers a chance for families to bond and create lasting memories. Whether you are a history buff or just looking for a fun family day out, Roman Army Day at the Biblical History Center is an event not to be missed.