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Film & Camera Ready

LaGrange, Georgia

Little City


LaGrange has become a sought-after destination for mainstream television and film productions. Our picturesque landscape, charming downtown, and warm hospitality offer the perfect backdrop for cinematic masterpieces.

As a proud Camera-Ready community, LaGrange has graced the screen in notable productions like the upcoming film “A Perfect Christmas Pairing” (2023), the renowned series “The Walking Dead” (filmed in nearby Hogansville), and the chilling “The Haunting of Hill House” (shot at the magnificent Bisham Manor in LaGrange).

In collaboration with Troup County Archives and the Downtown LaGrange Development Authority (DLDA), we provide unrivaled local expertise on our city’s rich history and hidden gems, ensuring our undeniable charm shines bright on the big screen.

Scenes from LaGrange and Troup County

To request a scout location tour or to inquire about filming in LaGrange, Georgia, please contact:

Lynne Holle